I lead workshops outdoors and indoors, in primary and secondary mainstream & special schools, drama summer schools, libraries, theatres, wild woods and  festivals .

My careers as an actress, early years practitioner and author have always focused on helping young people find their voice. I build workshops for all ages and abilities, starting with the very, very young.


Being a Princess is Very Hard Work! So, you think being a princess would be fun? Think again!
Do you know how many hands you have to shake? Not to mention how many frogs you’re supposed to kiss? Bleurgh!
Discover in this interactive session all the other, far more exciting options!

The Story of a Story – A whole school presentation looking at notebooks, drafts and proofs and following the exciting journey from story seed to picture book. This can be followed by class writing workshops. (4 – 16 years)

We’re Going into Space – A language rich workshop that builds an space exploration adventure using drama, poetry, art and song. Suitable for all abilities (3 – 7 years)

Whales, Sails and Mermaids’ Tales – a collection of sea stories, songs, games and writing activities. (5 – 11 years)

Shhh, We Have a Plan – an interactive hour long session using story and crafts to explore birds and their habitats. ( 2-7 years)

Troll Trouble – an extravaganza that begins with the Gruffalo story and ends with a forage for Trolls and some very messy clay work (3 – 11 years)

Giant Bogeys and Stinky Stories  – a wonderfully snotty and very stinky session, enjoying giant tales from Wales and creating a hideous character with their very own backstory.                                                                                                          This can be extended into a whole school play-in-a-day. (4 – 12 years)

Journey – a series of five sessions using story and drama to support transitions and choices ( 5- 11 years )

Bookworm Boogie –  creative workshops exploring a range of themes, from Doggy Antics to A Whole Lot of Hair. These workshops start with a story and then explode into the story’s world with games, imaginative play, music, and movement and art. We all cool down at the end of the session, cwtched up with picture books that follow the theme.         ( 0 -7 years)

Workshops support participants’ needs, interests and abilities – using drama and stories, they build participants’ confidence and communication skills whilst having fun and working collaboratively.
Partnerships include the brilliant Stephens and George Centenary Charitable Trust, The Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity and Literature Wales.

Please email to discuss workshops and logistics or contact:

Sarah KilBride