A Cuddle and a Cwtch

Cwtch up with a friend, a pet or a toy,
Cwtching is fun with a girl or a boy.

Cwtch someone big or cwtch someone tiny,
Your cwtch will make them feel warm and sunshiny.

Cwtch is a Welsh word used to describe a whole lot of love. This endearing illustrated poem introduces the term to the English language in order to share its healing, human warmth.

Written by Sarah KilBride and illustrated by James Munro.

Being a Princess is Very Hard Work

Being a princess is very hard work,  theres so much to do it would drive you berserk!,

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a REAL princess? How many thrones you need to sit on and how many hands you have to shake? Not to mention how many frogs you’re supposed to kiss … ?! BLEURGH. Perhaps being a regular girl is better after all …

Written by Sarah KilBride and illustrated by Ada Grey

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